Cytodiagnostic Center

The Cairo Cytodiagnostic Center was constructed in June 2014 to provide patients and their referring physicians with fully integrated diagnostic services. We are the only facility of its kind in Westchester and Fairfield Counties.

Our Cytodiagnostic Center fulfills several needs of the physicians and patients in the local and surrounding communities. We help your patients by providing immediate results, relieving their anxiety and getting you the results you need quickly so that you can treat your patients. By correlating clinical, radiologic and pathologic findings in one visit, we provide truly integrated diagnostic medicine at the highest level of efficiency. Our appointment scheduling is flexible, and same day appointments may be made at your patient’s convenience.

IMG_4871Here, patients are seen by a board certified cytopathologist trained in the procedure of ultrasound guided fine needle aspiration. Previous radiologic studies are correlated with the ultrasound performed during the patient’s visit, and the specimen obtained is processed on site, after which a preliminary diagnosis is given to the patient before they leave the office. Because we process our specimens on-site, we have no courier or transit issues, and most reports are finalized within 24 hours of the patient’s appointment.

IMG_4836In some cases, additional sampling may be necessary for further diagnostic testing, such as molecular studies or flow cytometry. Because the patient’s specimen is read immediately, any additional material may be obtained based on the preliminary diagnosis, so the patient does not need to return for additional biopsies. Your patient’s specimen is read on-site by an experienced cytopathologist, always ensuring that satisfactory material is obtained and there is no need for the patient to return for additional procedures due to specimen inadequacy.

When you send your patients to the Cairo Cytodiagnostic Center they will experience a relief from anxiety, flexible scheduling and rapid reporting. You will experience our integrated approach to diagnostic medicine with timely result reporting that you can use to treat your patients.