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Our Hematopathology Team:


PhDs with board certification


Trained at top medical schools and hematopathology programs


Held professorship positions at major academic institutes


Have directed hematopathology fellowship academic programs


Published 115+ articles & book chapters in hematopathology, molecular pathology & molecular cytogenetics


Hold regular tumor boards with physician groups & hospitals

That’s the expertise you need to make the toughest diagnosis



At Cairo Diagnostics we are committed to providing comprehensive pathology services at the highest standard of care with every case we manage

Comprehensive Evaluation

A board certified hematopathologist will follow up to date guidelines to evaluate every patient. They will correlate results to provide you with one actionable diagnosis.

Consultative Services

Primary and Second opinion consultation with a board certified hematopathologist for bone marrow, lymph nodes and related biopsies (skin, GI, other tissue with suspected involvement by leukemia or lymphoma).

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Molecular- Solid Tumor

The Solid Tumor NGS test at Cairo diagnostics analyzes over 1,000 biomarkers across 52 genes. It detects relevant hotspots, SNVs, indels, CNVs, and gene fusions using a single workflow for DNA and RNA.

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Next Generation Sequencing

Unlocking the power of targeted therapy and bringing new possibilities to cancer care. Our disease focused panels not only interrogate all relevant DNA mutations, but also fusion transcripts resulting in a significant impact on detection, management and treatment of cancers

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Molecular (PCR)

The power of amplifying a single copy of DNA strand into millions of copies makes it an overly sensitive and specific technology ideal for detecting specific gene translocations & MRDs

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Cytogenetics / FISH

Our Cytogenetics lab performs karyotyping and fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) to detect specific genetic and chromosomal anomalies. This provides diagnostic and prognostic information that will impact a patient’s treatment plan

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15 Color - Flow Cytometry

Flow Cytometry

Different leukemias and lymphomas often have subtle differences in their antigen profiles that make them ideal for analysis by flow cytometry. Diagnostic interpretations depend on a combination of antigen patterns and fluorescence intensity. Therefore, a well-designed panel is critical for the interpretation and diagnosis

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Morphology / HIC

Morphology / IHC

Morphology remains to be critical for proper diagnosis despite advanced molecular technologies. Cairo Diagnostics in-house comprehensive suite covers 100% of hematopathology routine and special stains

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Hereditary Cancer Panel


Cairo Diagnostics launched PsiGenex, a subsidiary brand for testing germline mutations. PsiGenex now offers a comprehensive hereditary cancer panel that covers 54 genes associated with increased susceptibility to many cancers.

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