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Call us at 914-339-5000 to schedule a specimen pickup. Please provide the following information:

ZAccount number
ZNumber of specimens
ZPatient name/s
ZType of specimen/s
ZPickup deadline
ZSpecimen location
ZIs this a STAT case?
ZFedEx tracking number (if applicable)

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Specimen Pick Up

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Disclaimer: Cairo does not participate with HIP Medicaid, Fidelis Medicaid, Health First Medicare & Medicaid, Affinity Medicaid, MVP Medicaid, United Health Care Community Plan and Empire BCBS Medicaid Plans with JLJ & ETR prefix.

Packing & Shipping Instructions


Please place Cairo Diagnostics labeled shippers and specimen-filled tubes in corresponding foam trays and discard all unused slides, containers, and tubes.


Please fill all tubes, if you can, to guarantee performing all tests needed according to the specimen submission requirements


Completely fill out test requisition, keep the pink copy for your records, and place the rest on top prior to closing.


  • Please include the patient’s D.O.B in addition to patient’s first and last name along with ensuring that there are two (2) patient identifiers on each of the specimens sent to us.
  • Include the most recent CBC results as well as a copy of the insurance card and any clinical notes for the pathologists to review

Shipping Instructions

For NY, NJ, and CT:
Private courier pickup – Please call (914) 339-5000
or email requests to:

For all other states:
Please contact your local sales representative to arrange for a specimen pickup with a courier or call (914) 339-5000.

For FedEx Delivery:


Place the specimen along with the white and yellow requisition copy into the Cairo Diagnostics specimen kit.


Place the kit into a prelabeled FedEx Clinical Pak and seal pack.


Contact your sales rep to arrange for a FedEx pick up.

Please call our Client Services and fill out the below form to add any tests. Our client services can be reached at